It was overwhelming to be part of a transnational performance that took place in Melbourne on Saturday night to a packed house. This was part of a longstanding collaboration with the MSO and Sangam directors Priya Srinivasan and Hari Sivanesan on a project close to my heart. As we of the Kalavantulu families strive for generations to erase the shame imposed on us, this show was a celebration of one of our ancestors who, along with her melam or troupe, became an international artist. She was obviously very strong and vibrant considering the critical reactions to her work at the time. Based on Priya Srinivasan’s long-term research and my own research and dance training, as well as my guru Annabattula Mangayataru, we worked together to tell this story. I loved performing on a huge screen on stage to live music with the nadhaswaram, standing mridangam, and nattuvangam, and dancing with Priya live on stage as she performed a hybrid contemporary dance.